New Year City is open

If you are in Kyiv this holiday season, visit New Year City at Art-zavod Platforma (Darynok). It will be open for visitors from December, 13 to January, 11, 2015. Lots of interesting activities and entertainments were prepared by the organizers of this event. Snow park, Ice sculptures exhibition, Fairy Tale Museum, exhibition "Ukraine", residency of Ded Moroz, Ukrainian Santa. Near the lounge zone there is a real gingerbread house. It smells like cinnamon and nutmeg, making it impossible to resist biting it. In the gingerbread block nearby Ukrainian producers and craftsmen sell wonderful presents. This weekend ethnocase presented folk cases for smartphones and stickers for cars. Small street cafes offer a variety of tasty and healthy snacks, hot cocoa with marshmallows, spicy wine punch and simply good service. We have personally proven that a weekend at New Year City in Art-zavod Platforma is a fun time. More photos:

Pleasant Present

The Holidays are coming and you still haven't picked up presents? Get ethnocase, your loved ones will be excited! From now on you will get ethnocases in a big fancy new box, which will give your present just a bit more glamour.

We are 2!

We've been making authentic ukrainian cases for smartphones since 2012! We love our ukrainian culture and think that it is worth sharing with the world, that's why Ethnocase was created. Honestly, first ethnocases were made for personal use, and then we understood that many people liked it. To celebrate this 2-year-anniversary we are giving discounts to our customers! On our facebook page during 2 days we will post 2 questions about ukrainian folk art and ethnocase and we'll give discounts of -50% for purchase on our web-site. The discounts will be given to first two contestants who post a right answer. We will start tomorrow, November 25th.

Vyshyvanka* - modern accessory

There was a time when ukrainians wore vyshyvanka on Independence Day. Now it seems like any festive occasion is good enough too, and more often we can see people on the streets and in the offices wearing ethnic clothes. Ukrainian embroidery became very popular these days, and modern technologies give us new ways of wearing national ornaments. You can be wearing any style you want, from office wear to casual jeans and evening gowns, and a modern accessory with ethnic pattern will be a refreshing addition to your style. Great selection of colors and patterns make ethnocase a truly versatile accessory.

Black and red flowers on white background is a most common and well known ornament used in Ukrainian embroidered shirts. But the richness of Ukrainian culture contains much more than that! Each region of Ukraine has formed its own embroidery style, own traditions. For example, in Zakarpattya region, craftsmen used flamboyant colors to make geometrical ornaments: yellow, red and green. That's why such embroideries are often compared to rainbows. Mostly flower motives dominate in the South and the East: red and black poppies, arrow wood, lilies. Craftsmen from Poltava have also developed their own style: they made white embroideries on white linen fabric. It is a very hard thing to do, and it takes a lot of skill and effort. But the result is astonishing! Of course we should mention Borschivska embroidery, where all the patterns were made with black wool threads on white background. In this region it was common to decorate mostly sleeves of shirts with sumptuous ornaments. The legend of this region says that the tradition to create and wear this kind of clothing formed in ХV-XVII centuries, when people of this land were put under rough circumstances, and women for many centuries wore these shirts to honor the memory of their fathers who protected their homeland. However, black color in Ukrainian embroidery also has other meanings. First of all, it is the color of wisdom, earth and richness, and its meaning depends on the situation. In some regions, like Podillya, bride and groom wore costumes with black embroidery. Lately we have noticed that black shirts with white or red geometrical patterns are very popular among men.

Kyiv, as the capital of Ukraine, has always attracted many craftsmen and artists, who shared their experience with each other. Therefore, ornaments of this region have embraced all the diversity of Ukrainian embroidery traditions. They have both, geometrical and floral motives, and a variety of colors. You can choose any pattern from the selection of ethnocases, cases with traditional Ukrainian ornaments.

*Vyshyvanka - embroidered shirt with traditional Ukrainian ornaments.

"Made in Ukraine" Festival 11-12 october 2014

We had great pleasure to be a part of "Made in Ukraine" Festival for the second time this year. Warm and sunny weather was a wonderful gift from nature to all the guests of the Festival. Many Ukrainian producers, small family companies and big manufacturers, presented their products. The previous Festival has made a great impression on us. We have not expected to see such a vast assortment of good quality products made in Ukraine. We thought that we have seen it all, but we had another surprise to come. Fashionable clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, laundry detergent, animal food, quality food products, mobile phones and laptops. The second Festival has gathered even more participants, new interesting products and satisfied customers. We have seen more home furniture, decor, a lot of kids' clothing and eco toys. From the first glance we could see that all the producers do their best to bring quality of goods to a very high level, to be worth a european consumer. Having seen all the products on display, we wanted to buy something from every stand! And we have noticed that it was very important for our clients to buy Ukrainian products and support home business during a very tough time for our country.

We at Ethnocase want to express our greatest sympathies and gratitude to Yuliya Savostina, the one who created this project and made it work, and to all the organizers of the Festival. We were glad to be a part of it and look forward to gathering again. Glory to Ukraine!

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Quality is our Goal

Let's be honest, it is quite a challenge to satisfy our Production Drector. Hundreds of choices, hours of discussion, sleepless nights over the most important of all - quality of our cases for iPhone. Everything paid off because now we have the ultimate ethnocase.

We have chosen the best solid and high-quality plastic that will protect your phone from scratches and minimize the damage if you drop it on the ground. What we also love about it is that our plastic is very soft to touch. Having a very small size ethnocase fits ideally to your iPhone.

Various Ornaments

We just have to tell you about our ornaments. Our craftsmen have studied everything about the embroidery of each region of Ukraine and created unique ornaments. The best of them we have chosen for ethnocases. We have the biggest assortment of ethnic designs for iPhone!

We offer 12 designs: from Zakarpattia, Poltava, Kyiv regions, floral motives of Donetsk, embroideries of Volyn. Unique ethnic ornament is applied to our case in such a way that lets you feel as if a real vyshyvanka (Ukrainian embroidered shirt) is under your fingers. It is fantastic!


«Miracle Flower» case, embroidery cover for iphone

«Miracle Flower»

Case for iPhone 5/5s black

«Poltavka» case, embroidery cover for iphone


Case for iPhone 5/5s

«Poppy» case, embroidery cover for iphone


Case for iPhone 4/4s

Contact Us

If You have any questions about ethnocase products, delivery or cooperation with us, please, feel free to leave us a message or call anytime. We are always happy to talk about Ukrainean culture, simply bacasuse we love it :)